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Awareness about the Court

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Overall, awareness of the Court increased among adult Cambodians. In 2010, 25% of adults reported having no knowledge at all about the ECCC, compared to 39% in 2008. Awareness increased among both older and younger Cambodians, but particularly among the younger generation. Of those who lived under the Khmer Rouge regime, 22% said they had no knowledge of the ECCC in 2010 compared to 34% in 2008, and among those who did not live under the Khmer Rouge regime, the proportion with no knowledge about the ECCC was 33% in 2010, down from 50% in 2008. While awareness increased among all groups, the majority of both generations still felt insufficiently informed. When asked whether they felt sufficiently informed about the ECCC, one out of five (21%) respondents stated they felt quite a bit or extremely informed, but 38% and 39% mentioned they felt a little or moderately informed respectively.

Figure 3: Knowledge of the ECCC

Figure 3 - Knowledge of the ECCC