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Respondents’ Recommendations to the ECCC

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After assessing respondents’ knowledge and perceptions of the Court, interviewers asked them what recommendations they have for the Court, if any. About one in five individuals who lived under the KR (19%) and 15% of those who did not recommended that the ECCC speed up the trials. The recommendation was less frequent than in 2008, which may reflect the fact that the Duch trial had actually taken place over a relatively short time period.

Another 19% recommended that the ECCC should be fair and independent, and the same proportion said the ECCC should punish those who committed atrocities during the Khmer Rouge regime. The call for punishment was more frequent than in 2008, and some respondents specifically mentioned that Duch should have been given a longer sentence.

Table 7: Recommendations to the ECCC

Table 7 - Recommendations to the ECCC