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Trust in the Justice Sector

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Responses to several questions suggest that trust in the justice sector increased since the Duch’s trial started. Compared to 2008, a significantly higher proportion of 2010 respondents believed that justice in Cambodia is the same for everyone (61% vs. 44%), that Cambodian judges treat everyone equally (56% vs. 40%), or overall, trusted the Cambodian justice system (52% vs. 36%). However, at the same time, a higher proportion believed that Cambodian officials who commit crimes go unpunished (40% vs. 35%), that going to court means paying a bribe (68% vs. 61%), and that going to court is too expensive (86% vs. 82%). When asked about the direct impact of the Duch trial on their trust in the legal system, a majority of respondents (72%) said the trial had increased their trust, while 6% said their trust had decreased.

Figure 11: Perception of Justice and Courts

Figure 11 - Perception of Justice and Courts