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Since 2007, the Initiative for Vulnerable Populations at UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center has undertaken research to document the experience of conflict-affected populations and give voice to survivors of mass violence. The survey in CAR aimed at capturing opinions and attitudes about the impact of past and ongoing conflicts on the population and attitudes about peace, justice, and social reconstruction. The specific objectives of the survey were to:

  • Assess the overall exposure to violence among the population as a result of war and human rights abuses since 2002, as well as domestic violence
  • Understand the priorities and needs of civilians affected by the armed conflict
  • Measure the sense of security and levels of protection perceived by the population
  • Examine social cohesion and community participation
  • Capture attitudes about peace and social reconstruction, including the reintegration of former combatants
  • Capture opinions and attitudes about different conflict-resolution and justice mechanisms, including perception of the national court system and perception of the International Criminal Court

The methodology and objectives of the study are similar to other studies conducted by the Initiative in Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda. However, the questionnaire and methodology reflect the specificity of the nature and concerns prevailing in CAR at the time of the survey. The research findings are aimed at supporting non-governmental organizations, government and international agencies, and local and international courts in developing a response strategy to the violence and humanitarian crisis in CAR.