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We would like to thank Neil Hendrick, Mobile Technology Specialist at UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center, who supervised part of the data collection and is the developer of KoBo, our digital data collection software.

At the Human Rights Center, Alexey Berlind provided administrative support to the project. Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson, Rotary Peace Scholar at UC Berkeley, Jennie Sherwin, and Roger Sherwin of Tulane University provided editorial comments on the manuscript. Austin McKinley provided the original illustration on the cover.

In Liberia, we would like to thank for their overall support the Carter Center, especially Thomas Crick, Chelsea Payne, and Peter Chapman, as well as Pewee Flomoku and our local partner, the Bong Youth Association and its Director Gerald Dolo. We would also like to thank the Liberia Institute of Statistics & Geo-Information Services, particularly Dr. Edward Liberty, as well as James Shilue, Cllr Lemuel Reeves, amd David Kortee for their support to this project.

Many people helped us develop a research instruments that addresses the key challenges faced by Liberia. We would like to thank especially Sue Tatten of UNDP-Liberia as well as Bill Tod of the European Commission.

We also thank the field supervisors, Johannson Dahn, Ezekiel Freeman, Neil Hendrick, Tino Kreutzer, Emmanuel Kwenah, Eunjung Park, and Kartik Sharma. We are grateful to the skilled interviewers who have conducted an outstanding work in often very difficult conditions reaching remote locations: Albertha Macdella Q. Bettie, Satta V. Boakai, Eunice F. Bowah, Brenda Brooks, Eric Brown, Henry Bundor, Fatu M. Camara, Victor Carter, Cynthia S. Dahn, Abou Ben Diallo, Filex B. Dordor, Verous Y. Fangah, G. Mondyu Gargannah, Norris Glao, Adella T. Harmon, Julie Decontee Jaily, Ceania Jarboi, Praise Johnson, Emmanuel Hinneh Jones, Rose A. Kailie, Momoh B. Kamara, Joseph O. Kenedy, Nyamehto Kiepeeh, Cooper Koryor, Abu A. Kromah, Agnes S. Kumeh, Otis Kyne, James Massaquoi, Marlyn N. Mellish , Augustine G. Musah, Musu E. Neal, Ballah M.  Sando, Edwin Sherman, H. Abraham Siaffa, Marie K. Sieh, T. Moses Sumo, Saama E. M. Swaray, Jerry Tieyee Jr., Precious M. Togba-Doya, Rosine S. Trinity, Andy Tugbah, Ignatius Wah-Doe, Musu D Washington, Beatrice K. Williams, Edwin J. Williams, Famatta Williams-Innis, Florida Wonkpah, Catherine K. Worgee, Yassah Wuelleh, Sarah Yallah, and Yvonne B. Young. We are also most grateful to the thousands of respondents who agreed to share their opinions on peacebuilding and dispute resolution. We hope that this report reflects their views, needs and hopes to build a lasting peace in Liberia.

Finally, we would like to thank Humanity United and Michael Kleinman for their support throughout this project.