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We have compiled an extensive overview of recent research conducted in and on Liberia, with special emphasis on quantitative research. View and download the full spreadsheet here. ...or use the filter tools below to find the studies relevant to your work and interest.
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2006 A Brief History of Liberia Peter Dennis post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding
2009 A House with Two Rooms: Final Report of the Liberia Truth & Reconciliation Commission Diaspora Project Dulce Foster, Dianne Heins, Mark Kalla, Michele Garnett McKenzie, James O’Neal, Rosalyn Park, Robin Phillips, Jennifer Prestholdt, Ahmed K. Sirleaf II, Laura A. Young truth and reconciliation, human rights, diaspora
2010 A truth commission goes abroad: Liberian transitional justice in New York Jonny Steinberg justice, mediation, truth and reconciliation
2005 Breaking the Cycle of Violence? Promises and Pitfalls of the Liberian Peace Process Desireé Nilsson, Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs security and policing
2009 Can Development Aid Contribute to Social Cohesion after Civil War? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Post-conflict Liberia James Fearon, Macartan Humphreys, Jeremy M. Weinstein governance, social cohesion, community safety net, aid
2007 Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Liberia: A Practitioner's Reflection from the Field Ezekiel Pajibo security and policing, civil society, truth and reconciliation
2008 Civilization, Violence and Heritage Healing in Liberia Micheal Rowlands post-conflict reconstruction, symbolic historic education, monuments
2005 Community cohesion in Liberia: a post-war rapid social assessment. Social development papers, paper no. 78. Paul Richards, Steven Archibald, Beverlee Bruce, Watta Modad, Edward Mulbah, Tornorlah Varpilah, James Vincent governance, social cohesion, community safety net
2008 Customary Law and National Legal Procedures for Property Dispute Resolution in Nimba. Liberia S.L. Lofen Keneah justice, informal or customary justice
2009 Engaging Diasporas in Truth Commissions: Lessons from the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission Diaspora Project Laura Young, Rosalyn Park truth and reconciliation, diaspora
2008 Getting In, Getting Out: Militia Membership and Prospects for Re-Integration in Post-War Liberia M. Boas, A. Hatloy post-conflict reconstruction, ex-combatants
2006 Humanitarian Agenda 2015 --Burundi and Liberia Country Studies Xavier Zeebroek security and policing, peacekeeping
2009 Land Disputes in Liberia: Views from Below, 2008 Alaric Tokpa, Joseph Asunka post-conflict reconstruction, land disputes
2008 Land rights in postwar Liberia: The volatile part of the peace process John Unruh land disputes, peacebuilding
2008 Liberal Interventionism in Liberia: Towards a Tentatively Just Approach? P. Atkinson post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding
1995 Liberia 1989-1994: A Study of Ethnic and Spiritual Violence Stephen Ellis governance, self-perception, nationalism
2008 Liberia Poverty reduction strategy paper International Monetary Fund justice, formal justice, economy, security and policing, governance
2009 Liberia Youth Fragility Assessment Gary Walker, Jane C. Millar Wood, Eric Allemano youth, employment, mining
2009 Liberia's Experiment with Transitional Justice Jonny Steinberg justice, mediation, post-conflict reconstruction, truth and reconcilliation
2006 Liberia: A brief guide to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amnesty International truth and reconciliation, human rights
1999 Liberia: Roots and Fruits of the Emergency Quentin Outram governance, crisis
2004 Liberia: Sustaining the Transition to Peace and Recovery. Odette M. Boya post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding
2008 Liberia: Towards the final phase of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amnesty International truth and reconciliation, human rights
2006 Liberia: Truth, Justice and Reparation Memorandum on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act Amnesty International truth and reconciliation, human rights
1993 Liberian Civil War: A Graphic Account James Youboty civil war, justice
2009 Liberia’s Truth Commission Report: Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Transitional Justice Evelyne Schmid justice, human rights, truth and reconciliation
2009 Looking for Justice: Liberian Experiences with and Perceptions of Local Justice Options. Deborah H. Isser, Stephen C. Lubkemann, Saah N’Tow, with Adeo Addison, Johnny Ndebe, George Saye, Tim Luccaro justice, informal or customary justice
2007 Negotiating Peace in Liberia: Preserving the Possibility for Justice Priscilla Hayner justice, transitional justice, peace, peacebuilding
2000 NGOs and Peace Building in Complex Political Emergencies: Agency Surveys from Liberia Philippa Atkinson, Edward Mulbah post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding
2008 Nimba County Reconciliation Project Joint Programme Unit for UN-Interpeace Initiatives - Liberia Programme post-conflict reconstruction, land disputes, nimba
2009 Participatory Vulnerability Analysis Report: Access to Justice for Women and Services and Support for Survivors of VAW in South- Eastern Liberia. ActionAid Liberia post-conflict reconstruction, gender
2009 Popular Appraisals of Socio-economic Conditions in Liberia, 2008 Alaric Tokpa, Dan Saryee, Daniel Armah-Attoh security and policing, governance, economy
2009 Popular Opinions on Democracy in Liberia, 2008 Lexi Schetel, Daniel Armah-Attoh governance, confidence in governmental institutions
2007 Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Liberia – Much Remains to Be Done –. Accra/Ghana: Third Annual KAIPTC / ZIF Seminar Tobias von Gienanth, Thomas Jaye post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding
2009 Poverty and Civil War Events: A Disaggregated Study of Liberia Håvard Hegre, Gudrun Østby, Clionadh Raleigh poverty, conflict, development, economy
2007 Power-sharing and Peacebuilding in Liberia: Power-sharing Agreements, Negotiations, and Peace Processes Kendra Dupuy, Julian Detzel post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding
2010 Quantitative Impact Evaluation of the United Nations Mission in Liberia: Final Report Eric Mvukiyehe, Cyrus Samii security and policing, post-conflict reconstruction, unmil, evaluation
2009 Rebuilding Liberia, One Brick at a Time Ruthie Ackerman post-conflict reconstruction, gender
2006 Reinventing Liberia: Civil Society, Governance, and a Nation’s Post-War Reovery security and policing, civil society
2008 Short Term Technical Assistance to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of the Republic of Liberia for Conflict Mapping Project Steve Archibald, Edward Mulbah governance, confidence in governmental institutions
2007 So, Who Owns the Forest? An investigation into forest ownership and customary land rights in Liberia Liz Alden Wily land disputes, informal or customary justice
2011 Talking Peace: A Population-Based Survey on Attitudes about Security, Dispute Resolution, and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Liberia Patrick Vinck, Phuong Pham, Tino Kreutzer post-conflict reconstruction, dispute resolution, security, justice, reconciliation
2005 The Liberian Civil War: New War/Old War? Morten Bøas post-conflict reconstruction, symbolic historic education, monuments
2010 The Logic of Land Encroachment in Lofa County Alexandre Corriveau-Bourque post-conflict reconstruction, land disputes
2009 The Production of Insecurity by African Security Forces: Insights from Liberia and the Central African Republic. Andreas Mehler security and policing, violence, ssr
2004 The Road to Peace in Liberia: Citizens Views on Transitional Justice. Transitional Justice Working Group Initiative justice, transitional justice, peace, peacebuilding
2009 The Role of International Policing in Post-Conflict Development: The Case of Liberia William Patterson security and policing
1973 The Significance of Barth and Geertz' Model of Ethnicity in the Analysis of Nationalism in Liberia Stephen Hlophe governance, self-perception, nationalism
1997 The War Economy in Liberia: A Political Analysis. Philippa Atkinson security and policing
2010 Too little, too late? International oversight of contract negotiations in post-conflict Liberia J. Ford, K. Tienhaara post-conflict reconstruction, peacekeeping
2005 Traditional Forms of Reconciliation in Liberia Resource Center for Community Empowerment and Integrated Development/ UNDP Liberia post-conflict reconstruction, truth and reconciliation
2008 Traditional Justice Mechanisms: The Liberian Case Ezekiel Pajibo justice
2008 Truth and Justice on Trial in Liberia Lansana Gberie justice, informal or customary justice, truth and reconciliation
2007 What the Fighters Say: A Survey of Ex-combatants in Liberia James Pugel post-conflict reconstruction, ex-combatants, ddr